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Welcome to Robocar Poli Wiki!

Robocar Poli is a South Korean animated children's television series created by RoiVisual on 28th February 2011. There are 5 seasons and 3 spin-offs seasons, the purpose of creating the show is for the child's safety.


Broomstown Rescue Team (Season 1 to 3 )

  • Poli: Poli is a white-blue police car, Poli boasts the fastest top speed. He leads the rescue team with great mental strength and persistence, protects the village from various dangers, and takes responsibility for traffic safety. Voiced by Marc Tompson.
  • Amber: Amber is a pink-white ambulance van, Wise and clever ambulance Amber provides clues to solutions in situations using her ample knowledge and quick judgement when the rescue team is in trouble. She protects the lives of friends with various medical tools and takes responsibility for safety accidents in daily life. Voiced by Rebecca Soler.
  • Roy: Roy is a red-yellow fire truck, Roy is very big and strong. He calmly and reliably solves problems in any rescue situation and is responsible for fire and electrical safety problems in the village. Voiced by Jason Griffith.
  • Helly: Helly is a green-white helicopter flying through the sky, Armed with a positive and quick witted personality, he livens up the entire rescue team. With his high performance search and information transmission abilities make him the messenger of choice for the rescue team. Voiced by Kate Bristol.
  • Jin: She's the leader of the rescue team. A cheerful and kind girl. Jin keeps order in the city of Brooms and notifies the team of incidents. Has the remarkable quality of an inventor. Voiced by Ellien Stevens.

Mountain Rescue Team (Season 4)

The Mountain Rescue Team are the trio new characters introduced at Season 4, there are 2 characters can transform into robots.

  • Carey: A new character, introduced in Season 4. He is a Plane. He also carries Mark and Bucky with himself, because he is a member of the Mountain Rescue Team. Voiced by Mike Polllock.
  • Mark: A new character, introduced in Season 4. He is a Kia Bongo. He always supports The Rescue Team during missions along with his best friend Bucky. Voiced by Marc Tompson.
  • Bucky: Another new character, also introduced in Season 4. He is also a Tow truck just like Spooky. Like Mark, Bucky is best friends with Mark and The Rescue Team and Jin. He also helps The Rescue Team too. Voiced by Danny John Jules.

Desert Rescue Team (Season 5)

The Desert Rescue Team are are the trio of three members who can all transform into robots and live in the neighboring town of Sandville. They were introduced in Season 5.

  • Keaton: A new big character, a member of the Desert Rescue Team. Medical, telecommunication and fueling in the desert that can also be transformed into a mobile base.
  • Sandy: A new character, the leader of the Desert Rescue Team. Responsible for desert security strategy and command! She's very athletic and often rides the desert on her sandboard.
  • Droney: A new character, a drone who belongs to the Desert Rescue Team. Responsible for desert surveillance and radar detection.

Spin-off series charcters

  • Kevin: A boy with blond hair. He only appeared in Traffic Safety with Poli.
  • Susie: Kevin's younger sister.
  • Sally: Kevin and Susie's mother.
  • Bob: Kevin and Susie's father.
  • Elizabeth: Kevin's cat (accidentally called Mittens by Sally).
  • Doug: A boy with brown hair and freckles. He is also best friends with Kevin.
  • Jenny: A girl with red hair. She is also Kevin and Doug's classmate.
  • Cindy the pizza delivery girl: She delivers pizzas to everybody.
  • Peter: A boy with blond hair. He only appeared in Fire Safety with Roy and Daily Life Safety with Amber.
  • Lucy: Peter's younger sister.
  • Robert: Peter and Lucy's father.
  • Sarah: Peter and Lucy's mother.
  • Buddy: Peter's dog.
  • Johnny: A boy with brown hair. He is also best friends with Peter.
  • Ralph: Johnny's father. Has a mustache.
  • Cindy: A girl with orange hair. She is also Peter, Johnny, and Charles' classmate.
  • Monica: Cindy's mother.
  • Charles: A boy with black hair and glasses. He is also Peter, Johnny, and Cindy's classmate.
  • Tommy: A firefighter. He doesn't live in Broom's Town


  • Truck-X: A kidnapping truck, who has been disguising himself as all kinds of trucks, he only appeared in Brave Mr. Musty. He kidnapped Mini, Beny and Rody, but got caught and arrested by Poli and his teammates.
  • Poacher: A hunting jeep, who has been hunting for animals, he also attacked Poli, Mark, and Bucky with his zapping wheels when they hooked his tires. He only appeared in Move Out! Battle in the Woods Part 1 and 2. He hunted a deer and fell into his own trap for animals to fall into. So he got caught and arrested by the Brooms Town rescue team and a mountain rescue team.
  • James: A kidnapping stranger, like Truck-X, who has been up to no good, he only appeared in Don't Go with Strangers. He tricked Peter and Johnny by disguising himself as a ice cream man and kidnapped Peter, but got caught and arrested by Poli when Johnny called for help.

Other characters

  • Annie: She is best friends with Mary. She likes to hangout with her, But only on occasions.
  • Benny: A Hyundai Porter who is nice, neat and very frantic. He likes to hang out with his best friends, Mini and Rody.
  • Betty: She is Mr. Wheeler's granddaughter, who lives in a different country.
  • Bruner: A Backhoe loader who is a member of The Construction Team. However, he looks more like a silly robot than a backhoe loader. He is also the big cousin of Bruny.
  • Bruny: A Loader who is the little cousin of Bruner. He is also too young to be a member of The Construction Team.
  • Camp: A Recreational vehicle who is a camper, he always has been camping in the woods since when he was little. He was mean and nasty, but for now, he is now friends with Poli and his teammates.
  • Cap: A Taxi who is best friends with Posty. But sometimes they argue at each other, Although they both stay the same.
  • Cici: A Container Ship who works at the Harbour. She is a member of the Harbour Team and is friends with Lefy, Leky, and Lety.
  • Cleany: A Street sweeper who is sometimes clumsy, But is good with his friends and his job as cleaning all over Broom's Town.
  • Dumpoo (Dump): A Dump truck who is the leader of The Construction Team, He is also best friends with Titan.
  • Jessie: She wears glasses, and likes to go for a walk with her mom.
  • Lefy: An orange Crane who is part of The Harbor Team and is the triplet brother of Lety and Leky.
  • Leky: A yellow Crane who is also part of The Harbor Team and he is the triplet brother of Lefy and Lety.
  • Lety: A blue Crane who is also part of The Harbor Team and he is the triplet brother of Lefy and Leky.
  • Lifty: A Forklift who is a member of The Harbor Team, he is good friends with Cleany.
  • Marine: A Lifeboat who is a member of The Harbor Team, he is a lucky sailor who is sometimes the guardian of the crew, he also has a pet dolphin named Ming Ming.
  • Mary: She is a calm, shy and a good friend to The Rescue Team. She is well-behaved just like her friend Annie.
  • Max: A Road roller/Steamroller who is part of The Construction Team. although he has a soft side and a dark side, revealing him to be a Yakuza.
  • Micky: A Cement mixer who is the member of The Construction Team.
  • Mini: A Kei car who is sweet, shy and soft, but can be stubborn. She is the granddaughter of Musty.
  • Mr. Musty: He is the grandfather of Mini.
  • Mr. Builder: He is the master of The Construction Team. And is tough and much stronger than the rest of the team.
  • Mr. Wheeler: He is the governor and mechanic of Broom's Town. He is sometimes snobbish, sarcastic and narcissistic, But he is good to Jin and The Rescue Team for his commands and actions. He is also Betty's grandfather.
  • Ms. Belle: She is the harbor master.
  • Poke: A Screw-propelled vehicle who is a member of The Construction Team.
  • Posty: A mail Auto rickshaw on three wheels. He is best friends with Cap and his job is delivering mail.
  • Rody: A Hyundai Porter who is cool, he is good to his friends, Mini and Benny.
  • Ryan: He wears glasses, he has been writing thank you, now he's learned to write someone's address, and a return address.
  • Sam: Annie and Mary's first classmate.
  • School B: A School bus who is like a teacher to the kids and always make good deeds and starts dropping off and picking up kids from school.
  • Spooky: A Mater-like tow truck who is mischievous, stubborn and timid, But he is always helpful and is a good friend to The Rescue Team.
  • Stacey: An owner of the battery recharger station. She has brown hair and wears a dark-magenta outfit.
  • Terry: A Box truck who is the leader of The Harbor Team and is a royal friend to the 3 crane crew.
  • Tim: Annie and Mary's second classmate.
  • Titan: A Dump truck who is best friends with Dumpoo (Dump). And a member of The Construction Team.
  • Toby: Annie and Mary's third classmate.
  • Tracky: A Tractor who is a farmer who works in a barnyard with a farm. He is also like a boss to the crew.
  • Trino: A Train who is a fabulous new friend to come to Brooms Town Railroad Station.
  • Whooper: A Transit bus who is a wise villager like village guy in the neighborhood city of Broom's Town. He crashes a lot.


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